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Interactive wedding color wheel. Alloy wheels manufacturers in india.

Interactive Wedding Color Wheel

interactive wedding color wheel

    color wheel
  • color circle: a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle

  • Colors arranged in a certain order in the shape of a circle.

  • A color wheel or color circle is either: * An abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, that show relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors, etc.

  • A circle with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors

  • (of a computer or other electronic device) Allowing a two-way flow of information between it and a user, responding to the user's input

  • interactional: capable of acting on or influencing each other

  • synergistic: used especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more)

  • In the fields of information science, communication, and industrial design, there is debate over the meaning of interactivity.

  • (of two people or things) Influencing or having an effect on each other

  • the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed

  • a party of people at a wedding

  • A marriage ceremony, esp. considered as including the associated celebrations

  • marriage: the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony; "their marriage was conducted in the chapel"

interactive wedding color wheel - FIJIT Friends

FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy

FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy

Mattel Fijit Friends Willa Interactive Toy Purple - Mattel W2377.

REVIEW: Willa, a smart, fun, and funny Fijit Friend, is an interactive toy that'll become your child's new best friend. With supple skin that enables amazing movement, this trend-setting purple Fijit Friend has several interactive features, including voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode, and over 150 built-in responses. Recommended for ages six and up, Willa will be a fast and lasting friend that chats, dances, jokes, and performs.
Fijit Friend Logo
The Trend-Setting Fijit Friend

At a Glance:

Age: 6 years and up

Requirements: 5 AA batteries

* Colors and decorations may vary.

Fijit Friend At a Glance

The Trend-Setting Fijit Friend
Willa, The Trend-Setting Fijit Friend
Willa, The Trend-Setting Fijit Friend

Meet Willa, the Trend-Setting Fijit Friend
Willa is always a step ahead of the latest and greatest, whether it's fashion or whatever's new and cool. She's confident, stylish, and a natural leader. Like all Fijit Friends, Willa was created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music. She loves to laugh until her sides hurt, dance until she's dizzy, and be herself with her one true bestie.
The Fijit Friends Interactive Toy Collection consists of four different Fijit Friends (sold separately), each with their own different personalities and jokes.
Soft, Tactile Skin Enables Lifelike Movements
This Fijit Friend is made with a durable plastic head, cute removable ears, and a squishy shell that's a delight to touch. Poke her belly to prompt cool movements and fun surprises.
Your new friend's body and head will turn, bounce, and wiggle. Even her LED face and eyes will light up in response to stimuli. With unique movements and a huggable form, she'll make a fascinating new BFF.
Watch as Your Fijit Friend Dances to the Beat
Play your own music and watch this Fijit Friend boogie in dance mode. Beat Sensors allow physical and emotional reactions to different styles of music--from slow ballads to lively pop tracks. Dance along as she rocks, twirls, and bounces to the beat. She'll even perform her own original songs.
Responds to Your Voice with Phrases, Jokes, and More
Eager to chat and make you laugh, this Fijit Friend features voice recognition, allowing her to identify over 30 voice commands and respond with more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes. When it's time for bed, wish your Fijit Friend a goodnight. Her belly will glow like a nightlight as she nods to sleep.
This Fijit Friend can also detect and respond to various media platforms, including mobile applications, webisodes, television commercials, and more.
What's in the Box
Willa Fijit Friend, five AA "Try-Me" batteries, and instructions.

Fijit Friends LogoMeet the Fijit FriendsFijit Friends Logo

Logan The Sporty Fijit Friend
The Sporty Fijit Friend Sage The Adventurous Fijit Friend
The Adventurous Fijit Friend Serafina The Sweetie-Pie Fijit Friend
The Sweetie-Pie Fijit Friend


83% (7)

Vellum Interactive Card - Outside

Vellum Interactive Card - Outside

Not sure if this is interactive enough!
The outside of the card is vellum, and the bottom right flower hides the sentiment, which is inside...

1. Hero Arts Stamps: Tiny Jubilee Dots (stamped on front circles); 'xo' from the xoxo of Sparkle Clear Messages; 'Thinking of You' from same set; Flower Patterns (used on inside scallop as well as top flap circles) from Clear Design Paisley and Flower Patterns.
1. Vellum and patterned papers from Stampin' Up.
2. Ribbon unknown
3. Tools: Scallop and Circle punch, SU.
4. Inks: SU Apricot Appeal, Ranger Distress Ink - Spiced Marmalade

Thanks for looking!

Interactive card Pic1

Interactive card Pic1

Here is my interactive card. The house pops up through a slit in the platform.

I used Hero Arts Clear Design Home for the doors, windows, flowers and sentiment.


interactive wedding color wheel

interactive wedding color wheel

Santoro Interactive 3-D Swing Card,  Hanging Basket Greeting Card

More than a card, santoro's multi-award winning pieces are innovative and carefully created miniature works of art. dynamic 3-dimensions interactive cards let you give something really special, something more than just a card. swing cards come assembled and easily open out to form incredible the 3-dimensionsal shapes. each card is made up of a multiplicity of moving parts that allow the objects in the center to swing back and forth. swing cards can be personalized with a message and sent as greeting cards, but their unique ground breaking design also makes them perfect paper collectables.

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