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Big Wheels Trike

big wheels trike

    big wheels
  • (big wheel) big shot: an important influential person; "he thinks he's a big shot"; "she's a big deal in local politics"; "the Qaeda commander is a very big fish"

  • Out of the Blue is the seventh studio album by the British rock group Electric Light Orchestra, released in October 1977. Written and produced by ELO frontman Jeff Lynne, the double album is among the most commercially successful records in the group's history.

  • (Big Wheel) A Big Wheel is a type of tricycle, usually made of plastic, with an oversized front wheel, that rides very low to the ground.

  • A tricycle

  • tricycle: a vehicle with three wheels that is moved by foot pedals

  • Trike is a single released by Australian rock band You Am I in 1997. It was released to make two tracks ("Trike" and "Opportunities") added to the international release of Hourly, Daily available to Australian fans, along with three extra B-sides.

  • (Trikes) A tricycle (often abbreviated to trike) is a three-wheeled vehicle. While tricycles are often associated with the small three-wheeled vehicles used by pre-school age children, they are also used by adults for a variety of purposes.

big wheels trike - Italtrike 10

Italtrike 10 inch Transporter Classic - Red

Italtrike 10 inch Transporter Classic - Red

Italtrike’s Classic Line Transporter Tricycle combines a traditional trike design with modern durability and safety features. Steer younger kids around using the removable push bar and let older children ride on their own. The plastic seat easily adjusts to fit children from two to four years old, and the sturdy steel frame with powder-coated finish stands up to heavy use and abuse. The special steering design eliminates pinch points to help prevent playground injuries. This model features a hand brake and plastic rear storage bin. Always wear a helmet.2 to 4 years oldOne childHeavy-duty steel frameRust-resistant powder-coat finishInjection-molded wheels with solid rubber tiresFrame design prevents pinch points

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Big Wheel

Big Wheel

Okay, when I was a kid, I used to ride my Big Wheel at top speed down the hill and pretend I was Knight Rider. Not the guy. The car. I wonder what kids pretended in this thing? Also, I wonder how they didn't kill themselves. Of course, I wonder how I didn't kill myself on my Big Wheel, either, because, I wrecked it plenty of times with no helmet and never broke anything. Also, I went all over the neighborhood by myself and I was like three! What the heck!? I wouldn't let me do that. Why don't they make Big Wheels for grown-ups?! Those things were so much freaking fun. Why am I talking about this? I don't know, but this reminds me of a Big Wheel, is I guess what I'm trying to say.

Okay, so one of the curators was like "Take all the pictures you want! :D" But then on the way out, we saw a sign that said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY RWAR!", so uh.. if you see this Mr. Curators, please don't be mad because we were told it was okay. :)

This is at the fairly amazing car and carriage museum on the grounds of the Frick Art Gallery and Clayton, the Frick mansion.

IRONHORSE Magazine Likes the Big Wheel Trke

IRONHORSE Magazine Likes the Big Wheel Trke

The IRONHORSE Magazine profiled the SS Trike, manufactured by Olmax Fabrication LLC. The SS Trike resembles the classic “Big Wheel” Chopper-style design that we all rode as a kid, which is sure to put a smile on your face no matter how old of a kid you are.

big wheels trike

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